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Aqueous Media

Majestic – Aqueous Gloss Media

Gloss Aqueous Media. Que Media Gloss Coatings endow our substrates with a superior color gamut, allowing prints to display accurate skin tones as well as vibrant POP colors. With microporous technology, prints dry very quickly and offer superior water resistance.

Monarch – Aqueous Matte Media

Que Media Matte Coatings are formulated to provide exceptional smoothness, eliminating common issues such as streaks and unevenness. Our Matte Medias work excellent with the HP Designjet series as well as other aqueous printers. Que Media Matte Coatings are also compatable with Latex printers.

Motif – Aqueous Specialty Media

Que Media Motif line encompasses our aqueous film, synthetics, digital, fine art, and textile substrates. Motif Media line is coated and designed to express your prints through unique display techniques while maintaining excellent dry times and water resistance.