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Ocean Floor Mural

May 3, 2017

The ocean is waiting for you!

Never underestimate the impact of bright, colorful floor graphics have on boosting your mood in the workplace.

When really nailing down the specifics for this project we knew that our EZTAQUE would be the perfect option. EZTAQUE is a matte fabric with removable adhesive, so its Easy up, easy down on wall, easy down, easy up for carpet The benefits of using EZTAQUE for a floor decal over carpet is that it is water resistant, scratch resistant, ultra strong this makes it great for interior walls, contour cut applications, carpet stickers, and boards.

For technical specs please reference our spec sheet (here)

Installation consisted of 7 separate panels that were laid down to cover the entire floor. It is always best to prepare whatever surface you are applying a graphic to, in this case we vacuumed the carpet before installing the panels.

In addition, using a bleed on each panel makes it easier to line up each panel and make a seamless connection between the two. Using squeegees and some patience each panels was lined up with the next and put into place.

Even with foot traffic, there was little to no diminishing of the bright colors and visual impact. There is no collection of dirt in any areas and even an accidental water spill did not ruin the print.

Que Media does not share any costing to protect our distribution channels but we are more than happy to connect end users with one of our local distributors. Any distributor may reach out to their sales representative at Que Media to answer any questions.

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